What is this?

This is a location verification system.

How does it work?

The location verification system is a valuable tool to combat fraud. It reports the last login location of the seller using the sellers IP address.

How do I use it?

Use it to verify the location of a seller. For instance, Let's say you are looking at an ad from a seller who listed an item in Central Florida. If this tool shows their location in New Jersy you should be weary.

Does it always work?

No. Some Internet Service Providers, especially mobile carriers use centralized IP addresses. In this case, a legitimate sellers IP address will report to be from another state (typically Kansas) even though the seller is located in Florida.

It is also possible to spoof an IP address. In this case a scammer will use a technology such as a proxy server or a zombie computer to appear to be from Florida when they are actually out of state or overseas. The location verification system is only a tool. Please click here for more information about scammers and how to protect yourself.

This system only generalizes the sellers location. It does not pinpoint the sellers location.